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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Evewin Lakra Tribute to Sir Paul Student's ROSE

Evewin Lakra Tribute to Sir.Paul Student's (ROSE) (Youtube Video)

My Rose is gone, All dogs go to Heaven,
may GOD enjoy his newest member to his kennel,
as I have enjoyed her 14 years with me.
I found her on the side of the road
at the "corner market", she was a bag of bones,
tits sagging, eatting shit, she looked so bad.

I turned to walk away BUT the women who going
to take her, would put her in a cage to die,
fact she a house full of cages
along the walls with all types of
animals & that's where they died in a cage.

I had dog Shaggy, my first female dog,
& the love she shared with everyone unbelieveable,
but would kill ground vermin in a split-second.
I loved that little killer.

Now back to Rose, so ugly she was, but the voice
in my head said, You Take This One! (why I have a dog)
Again the voice said louder YOU TAKE THIS ONE!
I didn't want this ugly mess of a dog, & took this ugly dog
home with me & Shaggy died a few years
later hit by a car racing home from work & never stop,
I dug the hole myself & buried my Shaggy.

While this once ugly dog, grew into my beautiful Rose
always at my side, (I can't count how many times
I have turned & tripped or fell over her)
as she stood there looking down at me, I'd pick myself up
& we'd walk with her at my side, as always.

& now I was at her side in her face & as she went to sleep
the last thing she seen was my face looking at her face.
We had a good life together, & you know life was good with her
& I'll miss my Rose, forever..............true story

Dogs never bite me. Just humans.
~ Marilyn Monroe

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