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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Breaking News Earthquake in Kolkata,Bihar,Patna, India (24th August 2016)

Breaking News: Earthquake in Kolkata,Bihar,Patna, India (24th August 2016)
Time: Around 4:30 P.M.

Magnitude 6.8 earthquake
19 km from Seikphyu, Myanmar (Burma)

Hey friends, Just now got this news from Twitter.

Purba Chakraborty ‏@Manchali_Purba 2m2 minutes ago

Earthquake in Kolkata! It was scary. I hope everyone is safe.

Vastu ~ LifeStyle ‏@VastuStructures 2m2 minutes ago

Did you feel the #earthquake in #Kolkata ?
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Huzefa Johar ‏@hjohar 2m2 minutes ago

#earthquake in #Kolkata tremors felt for half a minute.

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Bong-Chicki-Bong ‏@MissT_Doi 2m2 minutes ago

Earthquake in #Kolkata

Shilpa Basu Roy ‏@drshilparoy 3m3 minutes ago

That was a strong #Earthquake in #Kolkata.... Where is the epicenter??

In reply to অগ্নিভ নিয়োগী
Anvesha ‏@Miss_Anvesha 3m3 minutes ago

@Aagan86 There was an earthquake in Kolkata? Or the one in Italy?

#Elite Blocked Baba ‏@sunny_congress 3m3 minutes ago

#Earthquake in Kolkata ??
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*ARROGANT* + संघी ‏@coolpkhoon 3m3 minutes ago

#Earthquake in Kolkata!!

I felt it!😇😇

Sayantan Dhar ‏@BeingSayonton 3m3 minutes ago

#earthquake in #Kolkata yet again

Arnab Roy (Arnie) ‏@MegaArnab 3m3 minutes ago

Just felt #earthquake  in #Kolkata I don't want to die like this.

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TravelingIdesofMarch ‏@Amrita_Dass 3m3 minutes ago

#Earthquake in #Kolkata. Hope everyone fine.
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Upal Chakraborty ‏@upalc 3m3 minutes ago

Earthquake in Kolkata. Just felt it.

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Debojyoti Banerjee ‏@deejay994 3m3 minutes ago

Again Earthquake In Kolkata !

Kolkata_Chhori ‏@Kolkata_Chhori 4m4 minutes ago

Just felt an #earthquake in Kolkata !!! Pura Hila Diya !!!
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Shuvankar Mukherjee ‏@shuvankr 4m4 minutes ago

#Earthquake in Kolkata, India
Happened just couple of Minutes ago

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Smriti Singh ‏@RjSmritii 4m4 minutes ago

Yes we felt it too. #Earthquake in #Kolkata
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EJAZ AHMED ‏@iamejazking 4m4 minutes ago

#earthquake in #kolkata just now
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~Debs Bucky Barnes~ ‏@Debalina_11 5m5 minutes ago

Earthquake in #Kolkata. That was a violent one!!
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Arun Bhattacharya ‏@RanaBhatt08 5m5 minutes ago

Heavy Earthquake in Kolkata and Howrah
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ANUJ ‏@somani_anuj 5m5 minutes ago

it seems there is earthquake in kolkata.

#earthquake #kolkata
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MY CITY MY STATE ‏@myCitymyState 5m5 minutes ago

Earthquake in KOLKATA. Building shaking

sarcastic_ su-myth ‏@ft_sumyth 5m5 minutes ago

Just felt an earthquake in Kolkata #earthquake

Vikash agarwal ‏@vikashagarwal02 6m6 minutes ago

Heavy earthquake in kolkata
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Kripanidhi Sahu ‏@socialchidiya 6m6 minutes ago

#Earthquake in Kolkata. Felt it a minute ago. Stay safe everyone.

Dipankar Banerjee ‏@cssdesigner 6m6 minutes ago

Just now we had an earthquake in Kolkata... Details not known as of yet... — feeling confused

Noone ϟ ‏@McDarkTwisty 6m6 minutes ago

Massive #earthquake in #Kolkata. Stay safe.

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Sreemoy Talukdar ‏@sreemoytalukdar 7m7 minutes ago

Quite unnerving as my entire study table and chair started shaking. Don't know anything yet. Please stay safe. #Earthquake in #Kolkata

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Hitesh Rathi ‏@_rathihitesh 7m7 minutes ago

#EarthQuake in Kolkata? Was a very strong one!

Chiranjit Ojha ‏@ChiranjitOjha 7m7 minutes ago

Earthquake in Kolkata. Still feeling it.
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Manu Chandra ‏@chefchandra 7m7 minutes ago

Earthquake in Kolkata, on the 9th floor, quite prominent.
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Kartyk ‏@SendTheFood 7m7 minutes ago

#Earthquake in #Kolkata. Right now. 20 seconds or so.
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Shilpa Basu Roy ‏@drshilparoy 7m7 minutes ago

OMG!! Was that an #Earthquake in #Kolkata
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Sunando Banerjee ‏@sunandobanerjee 7m7 minutes ago Kolkata, India

Earthquake again! #earthquake in #Kolkata

Stay Safe.

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