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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Deli E-Series Rose Glass Plate Review

Deli E-Series Rose Glass Plate Review (Youtube Video)

Good Evening Good People this is "Evewin Lakra" back with another short product review Blog Post + video.

Product Name:
Deli E-Series Rose Glass-Plate

Approx Rs.300-350 (Depending on the place where you live)

3 Pc Set

Good Quality Glass


Rose Glass Compote

So its the wedding season without CASH here in India, everybody is getting married :)

I also got the opportunity to attend one of my friend's marriage reception Yesterday.

In the morning time I along with my mom went to the gift-shop to buy Gift for my friend's wedding, but the gift-shop was closed, so we came back home.

In the evening time we again went to the same gift-shop & this time we were lucky, the shop was open..... My mom wanted to buy "Bone China Tea Cups" but by Looking at the FINISH of the cups he showed us it was not looking Good for the price the gift-shop person was telling us.

So I insisted him to show us some Glass Plates & He presented us the
Deli E-Series Rose Glass-Plate & Bingo I got exactly what I was searching for, Premium quality Good Finish Glass Set for a Reasonable Price.

So before Packing the Gift for my friend's wedding I thought why not I give my Youtube Viewers & Blog-Viewers some glimpses of Deli E-Series Rose Glass Plate.

Do watch the video to know more about this wonderful product or Do watch my other Product Review Videos, Google Doodle Videos or Jamshepdur Videos :)

This is Evewin Lakra signing off..... Enjoy your Evening.......!!!!!

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