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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Monginis Choco Brownie Walnut Christmas Cake

Monginis Choco Brownie Walnut Christmas Cake (Youtube Video)
Good Afternoon Good People, "Evewin Lakra" is again back with another short Cake review video,

Today's CAKE Name: "Monginis Choco Brownie Walnut Christmas Cake"
On Christmas Day Along with the "Britannia Fruit & Nut Christmas Cake" 

we've also bought few "Monginis Choco-Brownie Walnut Cake"
So I thought to make few videos regarding these delicious & affordable Cakes so that you can also enjoy the festive season the Sweetness of Cake Treats........!!!!!! :)

Hope You'll Like the Cake as well as the Video :)

Good Points of "Monginis Choco Brownie Walnut Christmas Cake" :
1. Nutty Flavor of Walnut makes this cake Stand apart from the other brands of CAKE.

Price: Rs.120
Quantity 300 Grams
means its a Good Deal
(Value for money cake)
(Last year (in 2015 Christmas Season) "Monginis Choco Brownie Walnut Cake" : was Priced at Rs.100 but this time the Price is increased by Rs.20
(May be INDIA is Becoming DIGITAL) So Pay the Premium Price of going CASH-LESS :)

Taste: Its a wonderful Cake & "Evewin Lakra" is Recommending
"Monginis Choco Brownie Walnut Cake" to everyone who like Soft Sweetness in cake (Its NOT Very Sweet) Hence I prefer this cake over Cakes which are Extremely SWEET.

"Monginis Choco Brownie Walnut Cake" & "Britannia Fruit & Nut Christmas Cake" is My favorite Cake for 2016 Christmas.

Bad Points "Monginis Choco Brownie Walnut Cake":


"Evewin Lakra" is Recommending my Blog as well as my Youtube Viewers to Buy
"Monginis Choco Brownie Walnut Cake" & "Britannia Fruit & Nut Christmas Cake" in this festive season as these cakes are well priced and they are really tasty.

Click here to watch Britannia Fruit & Nut Christmas Cake


I'll be making more & more "Product Reviews" videos for you all very do Visit My Blog & My youtube Channel on a Regular basis.
This is "Evewin Lakra" Signing off.........Peace & Enjoy!!!!!

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