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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Every human lie But How To Find Their Lies.

Date :16Th Oct2012.

After Meeting So Many People I Come To The Conclusion That Every Human Being Is Affected By One Or More Lier In His/Her Life.

These Are My Top 4 Ways To Detect A Lier.

A person who is lying will "NEVER EVER TALK ABOUT HIS LIFE" He/She Will Try To Compare "You" With Some-other (Fictional Character) Of His False Story.

A person who is lying will not touch his chest/heart.

A person who is lying will never be comfortable with silence the your conversation.

A person who is lying speaks in a lowered but monotonous tone.

Note: If You Want Me To Add More Info To This Post Then Comment Below And If You Have Any Suggestion/Experience About Liers Then Comment And I'll Add Your Views To This Post.

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