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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Secure Your Boot

Secure Your Boot
Oct. 14, 2012

Linux Foundation is all set to solve the Secure Boot problem for everyone.

Windows 8 will be launching later this month and Microsoft is still insisting on UEFI "Unified Extensible Firmware Interface" i.e.
"Secure-Boot" on new systems.

Secure Boot stops unsigned code from executing during the boot process, e.g. malware,boot virus.

Secure Boot won’t allow any OS to Load which doesn’t have an approved bootloader.

This will block users from installing their preferred flavor of Linux or any other OS for that matter.

According the the report Ubuntu, Redhat, and Suse are solving the problem separately.

The Linux Foundation has come up with a one stop solution that should work with all the operating systems.

Linux Foundation plans to to obtain a "Microsoft-Key" that can be used to create a pre-bootloader.

Once the pre-bootloader has been executed you'll be able to boot into any OS you wish without thinking about Secure Boot any more.

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