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Sunday, 28 April 2013

BSNL Increased The Broadband Fixed Monthly Charges

BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigham Limited)
Increased The Broadband Fixed Monthly Charges:-


Another Sad News For BSNL Broadband Customer As The Telecom Giant Of India BSNL Increased Their Broadband Fixed Monthly Charges.

This Step Is Truly Unthinkable Because BSNL Is A Government Owned Company And This Is The Only Telecom Campany That Has The Largest No. Of Consumers In India.

Its Really Sad To Hear This News Not Only For Me But For Anybody Who Follow The Net-Trends In India.

The Saddest Part About This Price Increase Is That Your Bandwidth SPEED Will Remain The SAME :)

Eg. Suppose You Have A Plan Of Rs.750 Per Month
Your Monthly Bill Comes To Somewhat Rs.850 Because Of The Service Tax
Of (Rs.97 Approx) i.e. (That Is) Around Rs.850 Per Month For A 512Kbps Connection And From Now On You Have To Pay Rs.50 Extra Which Will Make Your Bill Around Rs.900 Per-Month For A 512Kbps Connection.

I Think Either BSNL Or The Government Don't Wants To Promote Or Increase Broadband Users In India.

They Always Talk About Spreading Broadband Access In Rural Parts Of India And By Applying Such Schemes Its Really Sad To Say It Can Never Be Possible For Any Low Income Group People To Use Broadband Service.

We Always Used To Say We Are No Less Than China As Compared To Computing Knowledge Or The Internet Services We Get But Then Again All These Statements Fall Shot Because As Of My Knowledge China Is All Set To Increase Their Least Broadband Speed To Around 4Mbps
(I Think They Already Started Implementing Such Plans Both In Rural & Urban Areas And For Us We Can Only Watch Other Countries Progress)

In The End Of This Post I'm Including The Screen-Shots Of The Increased Price Of Bsnl Broadband Connection In India:

Hope It'll Be Helpful For Anybody Who Was Thinking To Buy Bsnl But Now After Looking At The Price-Sheet He'll Definitely Change His Mind.

My Final Verdict:
Bsnl = Low Bandwidth
Bsnl = High Price

My Humble Suggestion To Bsnl Executives:

Make A (Unlimited) Plan For Rs.500 (Which Includes Tax) For A Speed Of 512Kbps

Make A (Unlimited) Plan For Rs.1000 (Which Includes Tax) For A Speed Of 1Mbps

Then Only Our Nation Can Progress In The Net-Arena Or Else Wel'll Always Be Counted As A Left-behind Country Who Has The Potential But Because Of Government Restrictions We're Loosing.

Share Your Experience Of Using Bsnl Broadband Connection And Also Share Your Views About This Increased Price.

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