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Friday, 12 April 2013

Castrol Power-1

Yesterday I Took My Bike For Servicing
Changed Its Engine Oil With
(Castrol Power-1 4T SAE 15W-40)

After Changing The Engine Oil Its Running Really Smooth.

So I Thought To Share My Experience Of Using
Castrol Power-1 4T SAE 15W-40.

Few Days Back I Went To My Favorite Auto Parts And Lubricants Shop
Who Recommended Me To Use This Engine Oil For My Bike
(Hero-Honda CD-Dawn)

The Shop Keeper Is A Very Friendly Guy
And He Never Recommend Me
To Use Any Bad Product
So I Bought
Castrol Power-1 4T SAE 15W-40.

Is This Engine Oil Expensive ?

Yes....It Is,
But Its Smoother Than Any Other Engine Oil That Is Available In The Market In That Price Range.

I Paid Rs-350
For 1 litre Dark-Green Bottle Of
Castrol Power-1 4T SAE 15W-40

These Are Few Of The Features Of Castrol Power-1 4T SAE 15W-40

Castrol Power-1 4T SAE 15W-40 Helps To Enhances Engine Protection.

Castrol Power-1 4T SAE 15W-40 Reduces Engine Wear Because Its A Part-Synthetic Formulation Engine Oil.

Castrol Power-1 4T SAE 15W-40 Increase Engine Power And You Can Truly Feel The Difference Once You Use This Engine Oil.

Other Specification Of Castrol Power-1 4T SAE 15W-40

((( Technology Support )))

Trizone Technology
Power Release Formula
Increased Power

((( Part Synthetic )))

Meets API SL valve train wear performance and exceeds the requirements of JASO-MA2 standards.

Pack Size- 1 Litre and 900 ml

Can Be Used In These Bikes:

Recommended For Use In All 4-stroke High-Performance Motorcycles Such as Bajaj
And All Other Manufactures.

I Suggest All The People Who Like To Keep Their Bike In Best Condition To Use Castrol Power-1 4T SAE 15W-40
Because Its Really An Amazing Product.

After Injecting My Bike With This Engine Oil Its Sound Is Really Driving Me Crazy.

Share Your Experience Of Using Castrol Or Any Other Engine Oil Which You Like.

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