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Sunday, 4 September 2016

Samsung WB350F Smart-Camera Mode-Changing Manufacturing Defect

Good Evening Good People, this is "Evewin Lakra" back with 
another BLOG POST with Video :)

Today is Sunday & I'm writing about my Recent Purchase from (which is a Camera) (Samsung WB350F)

I've received My order on "25th August 2015"

After TESTING the Camera for 5-6 Days I've found that there is a "Manufacturing Defect" in this CAMERA,

When Clicking Pics in "MANUAL-MODE" The Camera "AUTOMATICALLY" Switches Back & Forth to "SMART-AUTO MODE" "Program Mode" & "ASM MODE Selector Screen" & I've to AGAIN Select the "MANUAL MODE" to Click Pics & After some time it Again does the Same.

Its Frustrating because when You're all SET to Take the SHOT The CAMERA Switches "MODE AUTOMATICALLY" (Without The Camrera OPERATOR Turning the MODE CHANGE-DIAL Or Without Touching the Touch-SCREEN) & I've to Select The CORRECT-MODE AGAIN in Which I've Shoot My Pics Again & Again Because of this Manufacturing Defect.

To Demonstrate this "Manufacturing Defect" Issue I've Shot one Video:

Do watch the VIDEO to find out what problem I'm facing.

Peace to all.

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