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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Cadbury Choclairs GOLD Birthday Pack

Cadbury Choclairs GOLD Birthday Pack (Youtube Video)

Hey Guys This is "Evewin Lakra" back with a new blog post.
Sorry I'm writing after a long Delay,
I actually went to Kolkata........ (My Epic Journey Blog-Post + Video Coming SOON)


But today I'm writing about "Cadbury Choclairs GOLD Birthday Pack"
Which I've bought for my sister on her Birthday.

"Cadbury Choclairs GOLD Birthday Pack" is a new toffee & "Birthday Toffee Packet" introduced by "Cadbury" which is actually the improved version of its all time favorite "cadbury eclair" which has the monopoly in Indian Market when compared to eclair toffees of other brands (People usually Prefer cadbury eclair)


(I bought it at a Discounted price of Rs.196 from "Reliance Fresh")
I wonder how a Brand Like "Reliance" managed to Give Me Rs.4 as Discount on this product :)

632.5 Grams

100+15  = 115 Cadbury Choclairs GOLD Toffees

Don't Bite it while eating otherwise the caramel in the "Cadbury Choclairs" will get stuck in your teeth, Just let it Melt automatically & you'll definitely feel the chocolicious taste of "Cadbury Choclairs"

Do watch my short review video to find more information about
"Cadbury Choclairs GOLD Birthday Pack"

Soon I'll be doing a short review video on
"Alpenliebe 2 choco eclairs" toffee so Stay Tuned for that video.

This is "Evewin Lakra" Signing Off

Good Day To All........!!!!!

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