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Sunday, 13 November 2016

The Last NOTE

The Last NOTE (Youtube Video)

The ₹500 banknote denomination
was first introduced by the
Reserve Bank of India
in October 1987 in order
to contain the volume of banknotes
in circulation due to inflation

On 8 November 2016,
the Indian prime minister
announced the demonetization
of the old ₹500 banknotes

Which brought lot of TROUBLES
to the GENERAL Public of INDIA.

After Banning the
Rs.500 Domination
of Indian Currency
He Flew to JAPAN.

Just now On 13th November 2016,
He came back to India &
Addressed the Crowd
that his Decision is Marvelous & He need 50 More chaotic Days
Like THIS to bring

I personally Think this Decision of Banning Rs.500 Currency is BAD,
Don't know about you people
but Yes it created lots of trouble to the common people of india
Who have nothing to do with Corruption.

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