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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Tribal Fair (Samvaad) 2016 at Jamshedpur By Evewin Christon Lakra

Tribal Fair (Samvaad) 2016 at Jamshedpur By Evewin Christon Lakra (Youtube Video)


Good Afternoon Good People, Its 1:30 P.M. IST here in My Place & Evewin Lakra is back with another Interesting BLOG POST+ Video for you All.
                             Hope You've read my last blog Post about
Chef-Christon Simple Potato Balls (Aaloo Chop)

Today I'll be writing about a fair which Tata-Steel organized in our City "Jamshedpur" few days back.
The fair is known as "Tribal Fair (Samvaad) 2016"
So lets begin:

Tata-Steel usually organize "Samvaad Tribal Fair" in Regal Ground (Gopal Maidan) Bistupur but this time They Changed the Venue of this wonderful event to B.H. Area Ground A.K.A. (Also Known As) (Ganesh Mela Ground) Kadma Jamshedpur.

Tata-Steel Organized "Tribal Conclave Samvaad 2016’
From:15th November 2016 to 19th November 2016
Venue:  B.H. Area Ground A.K.A. (Also Known As) (Ganesh Mela Ground) Near Andhra Association English School Kadma Jamshedpur (Jharkhand) India.

This is the 3rd Time Tata-Steel organising "Tribal Conclave Samvaad"


Last 2 Time (2014 & 2015) in  Regal Ground (Gopal Maidan) Bistupur
& this time (2016) in B.H. Area Ground Kadma.

This event is held to celebrate the Birth-Anniversary of
Birsa Munda, the iconic Indian tribal freedom fighter”

The author of this blog "Evewin Lakra" like to say a Big Thankyou to "Tata-Steel" for organizing such a Fabulous event.
(My Special Thanks goes to Mr.Ashish Mathur (MD JUSCO) ) & all the other Dignitaries of Tata-Steel Like
Kudos to all who helped this event to be organized.They've given tribal people of India a "Platform" to showcase their Talents.

I got the opportunity to visit the "Tribal Fair (Samvaad) 2016" on 17th November 2016. At the Afternoon Time I visited "B.H. Area Ground"
at around 12:40 P.M. with my mom & sister.

That time there was less crowd:
Reason: The Governemnt of INDIA Banned Rs.500 Rupee Old Currency So the Market is Mostly EMPTY.

We started our trip by visiting the "Tribal Stalls" which was full of amazingly crafted products like
"Ethnic Tribal Oraon Painting" from Chhattisgarh, odisha, Jharkhand, Handicrafts, Tribal Clothes, Tribal Herbal Products,Tribal foods, Tribal Medicines & many more items were waiting for us to get explored but whenever I see a food stall I visit it 1st :)

But this time I Delayed my appetite & gave priority to the Stalls displaying beautiful artworks.

Oh........forgot to tell you all,
The "Entry Fee" to Enter
"Tribal Fair ‘Samvaad 2016’ was Absolutely "FREE"
(Anyone can Enter without Paying any Fee)
Thankyou To The Organizers for taking such a wonderful decision to attract more and more people to witness this great Event.

Last time in Samvaad 2015,
We witnessed a "Hut" which was made & decorated beautifully, depicting the Replica of the actual "HUT" which one can witness in the tribal town of India (Specially in Jharkhand Region)
The hut ceiling was made from Husk
(HINDI:Puals English:Dry-Grass)) & the walls were made from,I guess it was "Plywood Sheets" Painted in "Brown" Colors to make people believe,its made from Mud :) the wall were wonderfully decorated by Tribal Paintings & Designs that made it look so "REAL"

But This time the Tribal HUT was Missing in Samvaad 2016.

Though they had the "Birhor-Hut" in Samvaad 2016, which was made with Only Leaves & some bamboo sticks as frame to support the Leaves.
we visited the "Birhor-Hut" which was made with Only Leaves & some bamboo sticks as frame to support the Leaves.

This "Birhor-Hut" was again an amazing sight to witness & I couldn't stop myself to explore the hut from inside, it felt so cold inside the hut, may be a drop of 5-8 degree Celsius temperature as compared to the Outside temperature just by the Power of Leaves, Great.

In 2014 & 2015 "Tribal conclave ‘Samvaad" we witnessed this same  "Birhor-Hut"

I saw many owner of the tribal stalls were carrying
"Jute Tote Bags"
I think its been provided to them by the organizers of this fair.

Nice way to promote beautiful environment friendly
"Jute Bags" instead of the Harmful Polythene Plastic Bags.

This time The Theme of the Entrance Gate of Samvaad 2016 was kept SIMPLE, it was not decorated Heavily with the Tribal Arts & Paintings as compared to the  Entrance Gate of Samvaad 2014 or 2015.

People were enjoying the event to the fullest, they were clicking Pictures of every tibal artwork displayed with their SmartPhones.

This time they also had a place where few Cut-Out Face BOARD was placed to take Pictures of Yourself in Tribal Theme.

On the next day also (18t November 2016) Me & my mom were present in this fair but this time duing the Night time.
I Shot few pics & videos will upload it soon.

In The END, I give "3 Golden Star" to "Tribal Conclave ‘Samvaad 2016’
Out Of 5 because though their Stalls were accepting payments in Paytm but still many people were carrying old Rs.500 Currency & prefer paying in CASH not in PAYTM or DEBIT/Credit Card Or Cheque to buy tribal artworks & handicrafts but because of the Ban of Rs.500 by the Indian Governemnt this "Tribal Conclave ‘Samvaad 2016’ also got affected in the Sales Department of tribal Handicraft & Artwork.

Thankyou to
Tata Steel for Giving us an insight of Life of tribal peoples of India.

I've also made a small, (approx 7 minute duration video) about
"Tribal conclave ‘Samvaad 2016’  

watch it & hope you'll like it.

Thanks to all my readers, Peace & Enjoy Your Day.

Don't forget to watch my Samvaad 2015 Video:
Tribal Fair (Samvaad) 2016 at Jamshedpur By Evewin Christon Lakra.

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