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Friday, 11 November 2016

Why Banning Rs.500 Can Never END Corruption in INDIA ?

The Rs.500 (Indian Rupee) banknote denomination was first introduced by the Reserve Bank of India in October 1987 in order to contain the volume of banknotes in circulation due to inflation.

Intro Info. Credits: Wikipedia

On 8 November 2016, the Indian Government announced the Demonetization of the old Rs.500 banknotes (Including The NOTES Which are Even PRINTED Recently in 2016 ) 

Which Created Huge "Troubles" to people who has NOTHING to do Corruption (Specially) the Low-Middle Class People & Daily Wage Earner.

Rs.500 Banned Poor People Suffered
Video Credits: AAJ Tak (Youtube Video)

Such Bad Move gathered a lot of Praise in the Social Media by the people of India Who BLINDLY Support their Elected P.M.

But the Ground Reality is, it Created a Panic-Type of Situation among the people of India.

Troubles Mostly for the People who are Poor & who either needed money in Urgent Situation or People who needed to Spend Money.

Because No Body was accepting Rs.500 & Rs.1000 Notes (Though The People had REAL Hard Earned Cash) but because of such DUMB Decision by the P.M. of India They Suffered.

Like I say "We Live in a Country where" Bad People Always Gets away Easily & People who follow the Laws & Order of the COUNTRY Always have to face such type of Trouble Situation which is merely a Publicity STUNT by the Current Indian GOVERNMENT.

The Funniest thing is the TIME in which the P.M. of India Declared or I say Announced the demonetization of the old Rs.500 banknotes came the just the Day before World was eager to know who will win
"United States of America" Election "Donald Trump" Or "Hillary Clinton"

As if it was Pre-Planned that if "Donald Trump" Win's the Election,
Most Low-Middle Class Indian people will face lots of troubles
because Most people in India + (US indians) Wanted "Hillary Clinton" to WIN the US Election
(Which is again a BITTER TRUTH)
but CHRIST has some other Plans so ""Donald Trump" WON & Indian Government Executed its Plan to Give Pain to Indian CITIZENS who has nothing to do with Corruption.

Most of the Indians are unaware of the outside view of 2 days what normal people suffered.

Whether in Petrol Pumps, Hospitals, Food Counters, Railway Stations, Grocery Store, Banks or any other Places you think of.

Everywhere people are looking HELPLESS because of this Bad Decision by the P.M. Of India.

The worst part about the Entire Incident is:

After taking this FOOLISH Decision of demonetization of the old Rs.500 banknotes, he suddenly Flew to JAPAN.

((( Incredible India )))

Evewin Lakra As a Supporter of NOTA, believes

demonetization of the old Rs.500 banknotes, can Never SOLVE Corruption Problems in India where:

"Actual Corruption lies in the HEARTS of Bad INDIAN People"

1. Taking/Giving Bribe is believed to be a Good deed even for the highly educated people living here.

2. Ask this Question, How many of you made "INDIAN-Passport"
(Without Paying) BRIBE ?

3. How many Criminals Became Ministers, Law Makers or Politicians of This Country ?

There are Endless Things I can Write in this blog Post.

From "Ration Card Scam" To "Food-Scam" To Education Scam Etc.

But the Reality will always remain the SAME.

Educated Indians are More Uneducated in INDIA.

True Face Of BJP! Earlier It Said ‘Demonetizing Is Anti-Poor’ & Now Says ‘Demonetizing Is To Help The Poor’  (Youtube Video)

Thankyou Good Night........!!!!!!

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