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Monday, 12 September 2016

Ganesh Mela 2016 Kadma B.H. Area Jamshedpur

 Ganesh Mela 2016 Kadma B.H. Area Jamshedpur
(Youtube Video)

Good Morning Good People, after my visit to that FLOP event known as "Yamaha Food On Wheels" 

As Promised I'm back with some good news,
Yesterday (11th September 2016) I really enjoyed the Ganesh Mela 2016 Venue: Kadma B.H. Area Jamshedpur.

Yesterday Me & my Mom made plan to visit "Ganesh Mela" but we were little bit afraid because yesterday was "Sunday" & we knew the Mela would be extremely Crowded but then also we decided to go.

by looking at lots of crowds, this time I parked my bike little bit far away from the place where I usually park every year, so that at the time of Returning home I don't have to search for my bike :) 

This time the big "Bijli Jhula" (Big Wheel) was decorated very nicely,

I clicked few pics with my PHONE & later took some video shots also for you all the experience the excitement of Ganesh Mela 2016 of Jamshedpur.

I was not willing to eat "Golgappa" at the Mela but when you're at the mela the LOUD NOISES of the Speakers makes you take WRONG Decisions & I also took the wrong decision of eating Bad "Soggy" "Golgappa" + "Papdi"
from the Stall which was situated just beside the Entrance Gate (Next to the Police Stage)

But My all time favorite Dish "Dosa" Saved Me & yes it was really Tasty.

We Really enjoyed the Ganesh Mela with my mom.

My best take away from Ganesh Mela 2016:
when I saw a Stall Selling (Ice-Cream) type of Kulfi
in a Roller, beside it there were few packets of SALTS lying on the Ground & on Closer observation I found the Paket to be Exactly Same as the Packet of "TATA SALT" but it was written "TADKA Salt" :)

Hope You've enjoyed reading this shot blog post.
Don't forget to watch My Ganesh Mela 2016 Kadma B.H. Area Jamshedpur
(Youtube Video)

Enjoy You Day......!!!!!

Peace to all.

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