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Sunday, 25 September 2016

Pind Balluchi Restaurant

Date: 25th September 2016

Good Morning Good People, This is "Evewin Lakra" back with another interesting blog Post, this time I'm writing about my recent visit to a Restaurant of my City.

Pind Balluchi Restaurant Review by "Evewin Lakra" (YoutubeVideo)

Name of the Restaurant:
"Pind Balluchi Restaurant"

1st Floor, P. M. Mall, Sakchi Gol Chakkar, Sakchi, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand 831001


1st of all I'm Sorry for writing after a long Delay,
I know You've Missed Me :)

So Lets Begin.

On 18th September 2016 (Sunday), Me & my Mom decided to go to "Pind Balluchi" Restaurant for our Lunch.

This was the 1st time we were going to this Restaurant so we were extremely excited.

As we were getting ready to go to "Pind Balluchi" Restaurant,
suddenly our Door-Bell Rang "Ting-Tong" :) I thought because its Sunday some salesmen may have come but I was WRONG the moment
I opened the Door I saw one of my relative standing,
It was my Uncle ("Mama" in Hindi)
I told him we are going out, he said he'll also leave in few minutes

Then We Welcomed him, I showing him my new Photography Equipment,
he became surprised with the amount of features my new camera Have :)
(Soon I'll be doing a Detail "Review" about my new "Camera" Do visit this Blog to find out the Latest Camera Which I've Bought)

So where was I ......yes I was showing my uncle (Mama)
my new camera & suddenly my mom begin to scold me,
She said its getting late.......lets go.......then I decided to Test my New Camera at the Restaurant so I took it with Me.

After riding my bike for 12-15 minutes we reached "Pind Balluchi Restaurant" (Sakchi) Jamshedpur  (its around 6.7 K.m. away from my Home)

"Pind Balluchi" is located in the same P.M. Mall (Sakchi) where Vodafone Store is Located.
(Note: The Entrance is on the other SIDE, "Restaurant" is in the 1st Floor)  

The moment we Stopped our bike I started Shooting Pics & Short Clips with my New Camera & as we Entered the "Restaurant" "Pind Balluchi" Welcomed us in "Punjabi" Style "Sat Siri akal" (Hello) said the Person Employed by "Pind Balluchi Restaurant" to look at the Entrance Gate.

He was Dressed in a Traditional Punjabi Dress & Just on the opposite side of him we saw the "Mascot" of "Pind Balluchi Restaurant" he was also dressed in Traditional Punjabi Style, We Really liked the Concept, & we clicked few pics with the mascot.

May be this concept of "Mascot" in "Restaurant" & food chains in India have been borrowed from the "Mcdonalds" (Ronald McDonald)

May be I'm Wrong but I thought its worth mentioning.

So we entered the "Restaurant" the other executives also greeted us & he showed us where to sit, as we took our seats, I was Scanning "Pind Balluchi Restaurant" decor.


The 1st thing I noticed in "Pind Balluchi" is their Drinking Water "Glass" which were kept in every table, they were Different i.e. usually in "Restaurants" you'll see Crystal-Clear "Glass" or Heavy-Steel Glass but in "Pind Balluchi" they changed this by introducing "Copper Cum Steel-Glass"
(i.e. Copper Coating Outside the Glass & Steel Inside)
The Shape of the Glass is also different.....they were like BULDGE at the Top & Sleek at the Bottom.

Colorful Bangles Decoration of "Pind Balluchi Restaurant"

I was really Impressed with "Pind Balluchi" Simple Table Decor,

(Glass,Handkerchief,Spoons) were laid on table & because its Cooper Glass it made the table look fantastic as it was matching with Dark Color Furniture's.

Then I began to Scan the wall Decor of the Restaurant, in this Department also "Pind Balluchi" Shines as one of the Walls were decorated with "Silhouette Bhangra Wall hanging" which adds Glory to the Theme of this Restaurant.

"PIND" Means "Village" so the decor of "Pind Balluchi Restaurant" is kept as its Name, with lots & lots of "SPACE" Dedicated Specially to make The Customers feel like they are in some Punjab "Village"

The Drawback is, in some areas "Pind Balluchi Restaurant" has OVER-DONE it, Due to which in some parts you'll Notice, Though The "Restaurant" is actually immensely SPACED but due to the introduction of few BIG-BIG Decors it wasted SPACES which Could have been LEFT "FREE" for more OPEN-UP Area.

Order: We were presented with the MENU, while checking the Menu Items I asked the Representative whether the VEG & NON-Veg "Thali" is available now,

He answered YES......its Available.......!!!!!

But there is a CONDITION:

The Condition is They Have 3 Kinds of

Thali-System in "Pind Balluchi Restaurant":

(Rs.100 + Rs.20 TAX = Rs.120)

Special VEG-Thali
((Rs.175 + TAX )

(Rs.250 + Rs.50 TAX = Rs.300)

You can Eat these Three Thali at the Restaurant itself but for Parcel they can only Do for "SIMPLE VEG-Thali" i.e. "Pind Balluchi Restaurant" Jamshedpur will NOT let you take HOME

1.Special VEG-Thali
2.NON-VEG Thali

as Parcel because of Too Much PACKAGING is Required.

so if you're thinking to bring Special VEG-Thali or NON-VEG Thali from
"Pind Balluchi Restaurant" to your HOME, its NOT ALLOWED.

We ordered 1 NON-VEG Thali for eating at the Restaurant
& 1 SIMPLE VEG-Thali to take HOME.

Waiting TIME:
It Took around 20-25 Minutes for our NON-VEG Thali To Arrive.

Our NON-VEG Thali of "Pind Balluchi Restaurant" consisted of:



Green Salad

Mix Raita

(1) Butter Nan & (1) Tandoori Roti


Dal Tadka

Mixed Vegetable

Kadhai Murg (2-Piece Chicken)


(1) Papad


I'm Posting the IMAGE of NON-VEG Thali MENU which you can MIX & Match in your NON-VEG Thali Meal according to the Alternative Items Provided by "Pind Balluchi Restaurant" & according to your Taste.

In the
Welcome-Drink of NON-VEG Thali:
You're Given the Option the CHOOSE any 1 from the 2.
i.e. Either take One Glass of "Aam-Panna" or take One Glass of Jal-Jeera.

Similarly the Rest of the Options Follows the Same Choosing Pattern from the Alternative Items in the Menu Listed for the Main Course is Applied while Ordering Thali.

The Man who brought us our NON-VEG Thali was one of the waiter
who did the Plating of that thali for us so I insisted him to Explain what dishes we have in our THALI.

I'm really impressed with the way he was explaining about the food items we have in our Thali.

(Bengali-Waiter Dressed in Punjabi-Dress) LOL :)

You can make out by his accent while he was Explaining to me

(Do Watch my Video for that)

As he left, we started to EAT our Thali.

Pind Balluchi "Non-Veg Thali" is Good but the Quantity of "ROTIS" Served is NOT Enough i.e. 2 "Thin" Rotis

 (Though Butter Coated) are too THIN & Hard, You'll end up with Rotis very Soon & Your Other ITEMS
(Eg.Mix-Veg,Tadka-Dal,Chicken) will be left on your Platter , so it will be Good if "Pind Balluchi" increases the THICKNESS of the
"ROTIS Served" or the No. of Rotis itself, It'll be BONUS if the Rotis are made with Aata or Corn-Flour (makki ki ROTI) instead of Maida (All Purpose Flour) which will definitely go with the THEME of this Restaurant.

Jeera-Rice, Chicken (Kadhai Murg) & Tadka-Dal Taste was Good, though I've not tasted "KHEER" but my Mom said it was tasty.

Overall the Non-Veg Thali of Pind Balluchi Restaurant "Jamshedpur" is somewhat Good on the Downside you always have to Keep in Mind that You CANNOT take the Non-Veg Thali HOME & The Non-Veg Thali Actual Cost is Rs.300 (Including TAX i.e Rs.250 Non-Veg Thali Price + Rs.50 TAX)


For Me eating for the 1st time at "Pind Balluchi" Restaurant "Jamshedpur" is a new kind of Experience.


Like the Music Playlist of "Pind Balluchi" Restaurant
& the Volume Level in which the music was playing, not too loud.
They Played My Mom's favorite music track:
(Gallan Goriyan ~Oye Hoye ~Harbhajan Mann)

"O Gallan goriyan de vich toye
Asi mar gaye ni oye hoye
Gallan goriyan de vich toye"


We Love Old Pop & Regional Songs of India & we don't like current generation Bollywood Crap Music.

In the Past I've been through Restaurants all over INDIA but
"Pind Balluchi" impressed me with the amount of dedication it has put into the Decoration Arena.

Again I'm Repeating in some Areas they've Overdone it.

They've also made one Big "TREE" in the middle of the Restaurant & in that "Tree" one Big "DHOLAK" (Tambour) was Hanging.

if they work out on the Points which I'm Writing in this blog Post they'll definitely gain more Loyal Customers Like me.

Minus Points of "Pind Balluchi" Restaurant Jamshedpur:


"Pind Balluchi" Restaurant is Extremely DIM (Though some People Prefer DIM Lights in Restaurants)
but for me there should be adequate amount of LIGHT in the Restaurants, so that one can make out Easily Which DISH is WHAT, without Looking at it too many times + LIGHTS adds to Good Photographs for your Memories.

Specially "Pind Balluchi Restaurant" "Flickering Green-Light Strips" laid in "Circular-Patterns" on the wall is "NOT" GOOD as it Distracts You from Concentrating on your Food while you eat.

My point is Simple Decor with Good Lighting will give

"Pind Balluchi Restaurant" More Professional LOOK & Feel.

Hope You people Enjoyed Reading my Review Of "Pind Balluchi Restaurant" Jamshedpur.

Don't forget to Watch My Youtube Video about
"Pind Balluchi Restaurant"
which will give you more information about the points I've written over here & Don't be shy to share your Views about "Pind Balluchi Restaurant" or anything else.

This is "Evewin Lakra" Signing Off
Love & Peace to All & Happy Sunday & Happy Eating........!!!!!!!! :)

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