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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

How to Fix BathRoom Door That Touches Your Tiles

How to Fix BathRoom Door That Touches Your Tiles (Youtube Video)

Step 1:
Remove the Screws of the Hinge That is Connected to Your Bathroom Door.


 if the Door Hinge is Tight, Try applying Some oil
(Eg.Engine Oil) to make it Free.

Step 2:
Once All the Screws of your Door-Hinge has been Removed,
Take the Door Out.

Step 3:
Remove the Bottom Frame of your Bathroom-Door by Unscrewing the Screws Holding the Frame.

Step 4:
Now Slide The Bottom-Frame OUT.

Step 5:
Now Remove Pieces of your Door One By One.

Step 6:
Shorten The Lenght of Your Door by
Measuring & Cutting The Pieces of all the Frame Equally.

Step 7:
Make Sure You Cut the Side Frame As well to make Room for the Bottom Frame to Slide Correctly.

Step 8:

Don't forget to Shorten the Length of your Bottom Frame "STICKS" that Slides into The Door.

Step 9:
Slide everything back & Check everything is Connected Flush.

Step 10:

Drill New HOLES & Screw The FRAME Back.

Step 11:

Connect the Door to the Hinge.

Step 12:

Congrats You've Fix Your Door that was touching Your Tiles.

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Bathroom Door Sticking to your Tiles FIXED


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