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Sunday, 11 September 2016

Yamaha Bikers-Point "Food On Wheels" 10th Sep 2016

Yamaha Bikers-Point "Food On Wheels" 10th Sep 2016 (Youtube Video)

Good Afternoon Good People,
Evewin Lakra is back with another SUNDAY Blog POST,
Yesterday I went to "Aam Bagan Maidan" "Ground" "Sakchi" Jamshedpur to experience one "Bike Display Event" which has been organized by "Bikers-Point" "Yamaha Showroom" Jamshepdur.

Yamaha Showroom "Bikers-Point" Jamshepdur Organized
"LOAN CUM EXCHANGE MELA" (FAIR) & named it "Food On Wheels"

I found the infomation about Yamaha "Food On Wheels" on facebook by the official facebook page of "Bikers-Point" so I was extremely Excited to go to this event because I Love to Eat, after all "Bikes + Food"
= Happy Me :)
Its a Good Combination to attract customers,

May be the time of my visit was not appropriate
(I visted that event at around 4:00 P.M. IST on 10th Sep 2016)
I found "EMPTY Food Stalls" & Only Bikes were there.

So I'm little disappointed,
but Never-mind I captured few glimpses of the Event,
Hope You'll like the video.

I should have Visited "Ganesh Mela" 2016,
Venue B.H.Area Beside (Andhra Association English Shool) A.A.E.S. School (Kadma) Jamshedpur Yesterday, but I visited the Wrong EVENT :)

Soon I'll bring you all the "Ganesh Mela" 2016, video Clips, till then Enjoy Your Sunday.

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