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Monday, 12 September 2016

How To Remove Split AC

 How To Remove Split AC (Youtube Video)

Currently in India "Air Conditioners" are Peoples Best Friend (BFF)
but if you ask Me, I say "Air Conditioners" are Just a Gadget to increase your Headache.

It Keep You Cool in the Summer-Season & on many occasions it takes away your COOL even in the WINTER Season :)

It took 4 Person to uninstall this SPLIT A.C. which was installed in my Neighbors building few months back.

Don't know why But I think Nature has its own A.C. for human beings,
it keep you warm in summers & cold in winters,
(Exception: Cities which are located in Extreme Climate Zone)

Do watch My Short Video about Split A.C. Removal

Enjoy Your Evening........!!!!!

Peace to all.

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