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Friday, 9 September 2016

How to Fix Your Android Wifi Internet Connection Problem

How to Fix Your Android Wifi Internet Connection Problem (Youtube Video)


How to Fix Android Wifi Connection Icon Turned "WHITE" From "BLUE"


Wifi "Connected" But Browser is Showing "Server Not Found Error"


Wifi "Connected" But Browser Showing DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN Error


Only is "OPENING" in the Browser but NO Other Sites are Opening


Internet is Working on Your "COMPUTER" But NOT in Android Phone.

Good Afternoon Good People Today "Evewin Lakra" will teach you all
How to Fix Your Android Wifi Connection which is NOT letting you to surf the internet on your phone though the Internet is working fine on your P.C. (Computer)


Step 1.
Turn Your Phone Wifi Connection "OFF"

Step 2.
Clear All Your "Browser" Cache & History

Step 3.

Check the "TIME" & "Date" Displayed on Your MOBILE Phone
(If The Time & Date is WRONG)
Then Set The Correct "TIME" & "Date"

Step 4.
Switch Off Your Mobile Phone

Step 5.
Turn Off The Modem (Wifi Router)

Step 6.

Turn on the Modem (Wifi Router)

Step 7.
Now Turn-off Wifi from your (Wifi Router) by pressing the "Wifi-Button" located in your Modem that will "Switch-Off" the Wifi Connection to your Phone

Step 8.
Press the "Wifi-Button" on your Modem to "Turn-ON" your Wifi Connection Back

Step 9.
Switch-On Your Android Phone

Step 10.
Switch-On The Wifi-Connection on Your Android Phone & Check Internet is Working on Your Phone Or Not.

Hope This Solution Helps in fixing your Android Wifi Internet Connection Problem.

Enjoy your Day.....!!!!

Peace to all.

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